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Order a custom song, video message, birthday wish, or shoutout from James Chapeskie


Personalized Videos!


A 30 second to one minute video from James Chapeskie which includes

  • A short greeting or message (whatever you'd like me to say)

  • Can also include singing a part of any of my songs (please specify in order details)


A one minute original custom song with a video of James Chapeskie singing along to backing track


Please include what you'd like the song to be about and who you'd like it sung for

Place an order

What type of video would you like?

Thanks for submitting!

How to Order
1) Fill out the form
2) Send Correct Payment via paypal

We'll send you a confirmation email once we've received your order

Videos will be sent as google drive links to the email you provide in the form

Orders will be sent within 1-2 weeks

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